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Namaste' from Namasteezy Music - Baba's Lovers

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January 9th, 2005

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11:51 am - Namaste' from Namasteezy Music

We are looking for correspondents, people to review music, and journalistic contributions and/or feedback or support or simply put... "love of every kind" to help get our efforts off the ground. Our efforts are to help these independent artists on the ground and under it, we seek to serve these artists and build on interdependent relationships.......

Please look into this process and join our journey of self and other revelation!
Our new Website is here:

Our mission was to release three albums for 2K5 and one featured Grand Puba from the Brand Nubians! And well, now its the eternal now and we have stepped out of time...

Yeah, this is not your average image grasping bboy.....

We use language to create, and this country has so many people brainwashed and addicted to sleeping, ya'll couldn't see Namasteezy if you wanted to. Why? Because it can't be done with the mind, you must use your heart. Because we are not a corporation, we do things in ways many people just have no capacity to understand, even the artists themselves have a tough time with us sometimes. But life is to be loved and lived. So think about love, then live! And we at Namasteezy are doing our best to live fully and truly.

Right now we are listening to a special Yogi, his name is Arjun from the Gaurdians. HE has a double CD of reggae music titled "Astralogy"...... He is mos def and artist of the cycle...

Please share some ideas and feedback..... Can you see how we have so many interesting artists in view? Do you see how we have been hard at work discovering these artists? Have you ever heard of them? Let us know! Please visit our new messageboard:

Jai Baba, We love this chance to win your hearts....
To better get aqainted, we are inviting people to join our MYspace too
You can find mp3 music samples there:

Namasteezy Music
"Home of Interdependent Hip Hop"

So where are we at?

Lets bring some music into view........

I.T. (Infinito 2017 & Thaione):
- “Low Income Housing” is picked as best release in 2004 by http://www.hiphopheads.tk
- “Low Income Housing” in stores now!!!

Since 911, this country has been conditioned into a fearstate.... Hip Hop community has become very image driven and as people we have only become more and more divided.... Yet, independent artists depend on word of mouth! But the corporations set such a high standard of image, it become hard to present anything to anyone...... Yet, hip hop keeps manifesting, people are non-stop, and we keep discovering ourselves....

Sometimes the underdog win ones and this time its the Infinito team... When you pick up a cd with a song titled MK ULTRA, you know they know whats up... I have to give these guys an A + in activism and right views.....

If you seek more information on the truth, please listen to our online radio interviews and real activism: It will help you understand Namasteezy, And our language and our way of happening...

Twin Towers - Built for Demolition PART 1

Special Guest: Christopher A. Brown http://algoxy.com/psych/9-11scenario.html

We present images and analysis of the collapse of the WTC Twin Towers,
showing they were erected with in-built explosives which were used to
demolish them on 9/11. In this two hour BFN special report, our guest
Christopher Brown presents the case for demo build, explains the exact
techniques used to bring down the Twin Towers and shows how this is
fully consistent with what we all saw in their extraordinary collapse.

The 9/11 3i Investigation
The Next Level Show - 28th June, 2007

Broadband Mp3 Audio
Click to Play or Right-Click to 'Save As' and Download.

Dialup Mp3 Audio
Click to Play or Right-Click to 'Save As' and Download.

Cadence of Raw Produce:
- New album from Raw Produce’s Cadence titled “State Lines” in stores now!!! “State Lines” features Yesh, Shorty Raw, Dooley-O, Jughead, Raw Produce, Eddie Meeks, Lord Cyrus, Esoteric, CMNR, O.U.O, Zimbabwe Legit, Sev Statik, Binkis, Mike G (Jungle Brothers), Mike Lad, Quite Nyce and Paradigm.
- For more info: http://www.rawproduce.com

Cadence is where its at! And he will continue to show and proove that.... Somethings must be experienced... Please awaken and share and communicate... Many wonderful people are waiting for it!

Count Bass-D:
- “Some Music: The Producer’s Cut (Part 1)” in stores now on Countbassd.com / Domination.
- For more info, check out: http://www.countbassd.com (new design too).

This is a Peter A pick I am sure....... These are the type of projects which in the end, it doesn't matter how many parts there are because they all matter, no old, no new... jump into the process and people and community and see how we all matter and how it can't get old EVER!

DJ HenBoogie:
New MixCD titled “Nobody Beats the Boog” in stores January 18th on Female Fun / Domination.
Check out his new website: http://www.djhenboogie.com


The next few below, i have not heard and seek info from YOU! Please share your awareness!
And feelings about these artists and projects....

Sev Statik:
- New album “Slow Burn” in stores late January on Domination.
- Featuring production from Joey Beats, Shawn J. Period, Tony Stone, Relic and many more.
- For more info: http://www.sevstatik.com

- Remix contest ends Jan. 31st. For more info, go to: http://www.dominationrec.com
- O.U.O’s debut album “Of Unknown Origin” hit stores February. Featuring production and guest appearances from Cadence of Raw Produce, Kev Strange, H-Peh, Nikki Giovanni, Akim the Funk Buddha of Zimbabwe Legit, Storm the Unpredictable and many more.
- For more info: http://www.ouofam.com

Domination Recordings:
- The Domination Mix Vol. 1 in stores now!
- Majik Most, Infinito, and Mr. Skurge and have all recently signed to Domination to release albums in 2005.
- DominationRec.com is now up and running, check out the new design and features.

To request music and confirm arrangements e-mail: Namasteezy*@*gmail*.*com

YOU CAN RECEIVE A WONDERFUL NAMASTEEZY PACKAGE. We are in the process of creating an online penpal process with true underground music supporters by providing creative comprehensive cross-promotional communications and sincere follow up. All you have to do is care. Learn. Share.
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Date:January 8th, 2005 08:20 pm (UTC)

What is underground and why is it so important to music?

Lets get this conversation to the baba list serve...

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